The Do, Ré and "Me"! ® Method, created by Lauriane Dutter in 1999, is a fun music apprenticeship and awakening program for children ages 1 to 7, with piano starting from age 4. At the end of the program, children will have acquired the basics in music theory (notes and rhythm) and have a broad idea of music in history and throughout the world. The goal of the classes is neither to produce little prodigies nor to put the children in a competitive and stressful environment. The main goal is for each child to enjoy learning about music, to develop a sense of music, the desire to make music, and a moment to shine !

The Do, Ré and "Me"! ® classes use a large collection of musical instruments adapted to the different ages and which are a great asset in maintaining an exciting hands-on aspect to the classes and to spark children's interest and curiosity !

Starting at age 1, our youngest students will discover with much joy numerous small instruments and their favorite: the puppet shows during which the plush toy puppets come sing in French or English with them. Starting at age 3, the children will enjoy learning about notes with the amusing note family in its special staff theatre. We start learning piano at age 4 ! Throughout the next few years, at every lesson, each child will have his little private piano lesson during the coloring time of the page-of-the-day in their note workbook, instruments workbook (for the Orchestra Year), the composer workbook (for the Great Composers year) or the musics of the world workbook (for the Music from around the World year). Games to learn to position notes, percussion orchestra to learn rhythm, songs, dances and stories about composers or countries depending on the theme of the year, will all be part of the lessons !

Each Do, Ré and "Me"! ® music teacher has been personally trained by Lauriane.

Do, Ré and "Me"! ® is a registered trademark.